Time to Vote for UNITY's Future

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    • Time to Vote for UNITY's Future

      What shall we do for Unity ? 1
        Create a faster Universe (X 600.000) to merge in Unity later ? (1) 100%
        No second Univers needed !But Recalibrate a MEGA QS + other privileges for newcomers (0) 0%
      Dear Unity Community

      The universe went under 10% of assets despite all our efforts. Blame it on several factors:
      Speed too slow or too fast depending on the type of players
      Ancient universe with too disparate rankings
      Low / Strong player ratio too narrow (currently X5)

      It is high time to open the second universe for Furious Wars: "Booster" which will be an X 600 000. ONCE THE LEADERS OF THIS UNIVERSE HAVE REACHED THE NUMBER OF POINTS OF THOSE OF UNITY WILL POSE THEN THE QUESTIONWhat do we do ?

      1. a merger followed by the closure of Booster? It will have served as a universe of restocking. the speed of Unity V2.0 will then increase to 600,000
      2. If Unity does not want this repopulation then a very important recalibration of the QS which will put the arrivals in the top 10 or even 7?

      This consultation must be done in calm and discussion. The Staff is waiting for your proposals